Hiya! Welcome to my whimsical place. Contrary to my other pages, this one won't be as organized, but it will be fun! ;) I'll be trying out all sorts of new things, so do check back often. Hope you enjoy all the goodies and that at least one thing on these pages will make you smile! ;)

Current temp in
Quebec, Canada
Click on an image for more details and forecast information.

Mistakes by sign painters.
Useless, but fun, tidbits
Convert2 version 1.4
A freeware program I wrote that
converts temperature and distance.
Look for the easter egg ;)

convert2v14.exe ... (35KB)
Make your world appear upside down ;)
Hint: double click your desktop to see your world right side up!
australa.exe ... (4KB)
Gotta luv that dog! LOL
tacobell.exe ... (237KB)
A cute little animated sheep that roams your screen.
esheep.exe ... (311KB)
Lil_Panda's Tiny Toons Page
Words & a midi of the Theme song.
*ugachaka* ... need I say more? *grin*
ugachaka.avi ... (1,521KB)
The infamous Windows 98 presentation! hehehe ... (1,677KB)
Dilbert Zone Archive
...a whole month's worth!
Candy Cane font
...great for xmas... ... (45KB)
The Am I Canadain? Test
...(very cute, eh?!)
The meaning of Life prepared...
life.exe ... (202KB)
BoFh...too funny!
Been bad? ;-)
Citizen's Self Arrest Form
Lego Worlds
One is never too old to play with Legos.

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